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Examples of some recent projects include:

  • Vector trapping — designed to complement our CPL/Opus product, CPL/Orval automatically traps (grip, choke & spread) vector graphics for printing purposes.
  • Constant rate disk driver — SATA drives are much faster at the edge than the middle. We developed a RAID device driver which interleaves data across disks to maintain a constant aggregate throughput.
  • Embedded timecode extraction — wrote a utility to extract embedded (on-screen) timecode from an mpeg2 data stream, using OCR techniques.
  • Video wall synchronization — implemented a Linux device driver to to synchronize eight separate video sources, utilizing a standard parallel port for point-to-point communication.
  • XFS optimizations — developed functionality to defragment file sequences on SGI/XFS formatted disks.
  • A report on the state-of-the-art for automatic pagination systems.
  • Your project could be here!

    Latest news

    We have recently acquired rights to an advanced database publishing — typesetting and page layout — system for classified content that we originally wrote for a well known free-ads company. If you need to publish your database content — online, as Postscript/pdf, or on paper — send us an email!  

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