Claire Neesham — Editorial Consultancy

Claire Neesham is an experienced editor and writer who has worked internationally in academic and popular publishing. She has a good understanding of the contemporary publishing environment with all its new challenges and opportunities, and is happy to offer her expertise in a one-on-one setting, through workshops, or through advice on specific texts and presentations. more…



Cost per hour

Basic copy-editing

This level of copy-editing is suited to those who are relatively confident with their language usage, but would like a second pair of eyes to check for grammatical and typing errors and basic stylistic points. Checking of references is not included in this service. example…

1500 words approx.

Copy-editing plus

This service is ideal for those who are a little less confident in their language usage, or would like commentary on the structure of their article. The service covers extensive commentary on stylistic, structural and linguistic issues with the text. Checks against specific publishing styles can be made and reference formatting can be included. example…

1000 words approx.

One-on-one mentoring

Comments raised during copy-edit plus can form a focus of a discussion on more general issues relating to writing in English for those who have English as a second or foreign language. This service also covers advice on how to structure a manuscript or book chapter prior to the client beginning work.



Small group workshops can be arranged on topics relating to academic publishing or writing academic materials as a non-native English speaker. Some of the workshops I have organized in the past include The future of academic publishing and Writing to be cited.

£400/day + £100/hour preparation + travel+VAT

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